Tap into Drive Less Connect and save money on the road

Introducing Drive Less Connect, the secure, simple web tool that matches you with others who are going your way for work and play.

Driving alone can put a strain on your budget so share the ride with people going your way to cut costs and reduce stress.

  • Match up in carpools through work and community networks
  • Connect using Facebook
  • Find a bike buddy to ride with
  • Track your trips—and your savings

Signing up takes just a few minutes, and you can start using your account immediately. All information is  kept confidential and you get to control how your personal information is shared.

1.)   Go to

2.)   Verify your account

3.)   Sign in and complete your registration

4.)   Log your trips and track your savings!

Tap into the Drive Less Connect Facebook page at for alerts, new feature notices and more!

Questions? Need Assistance? Please contact Sarah Angell at 503.745.6523/

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