TriMet Multi Modal Trip Planner

TriMet announced an open-source multi-modal trip planner, making itself ahead of the game as the first of its kind developed by any U.S. transit agency. The trip planner allows users to specify their preference for a bike ride and even choose the safest or the flattest route.  Combine bike and bus for the fastest and most efficient trip.

Other features include:

  • Allows for future inclusion of other transit systems, such as C-TRAN and SMART
  • Uses OpenStreetMap, a Wikipedia-like map, so bike routes and walking paths are up-to-date and reflect closure and construction information
  • Offers bike routing based on suitability, a highly requested feature not offered by other mapping tools
  • Includes car-share locations, so you can plan transit or bike trips to ZipCars.

Try the new tool and use it to plan your next adventure or just a better route to work:  Test the new regional trip planner 

Read what BikePortland has to say

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