Going to the River

“Going to the River” is a Portland Bureau of Transportation project that bundles bicycle, pedestrian, transit and transportation demand management to improve access to Swan Island, one of the largest employment centers in the Portland Metropolitan area.  Construction is slated to commence in Spring 2012.

In February of 2011, the Portland Bureau of Transportation was awarded approximately $2.1 million from the Oregon Transportation Commission to complete missing sidewalk and bikeway network segments near and on Swan Island. Sidewalks, paths and neighborhood greenways will be built to improve transportation options for both area residents and workers and to fully connect Swan Island to Portland’s existing light rail, bikeway and pedestrian networks. The total cost of the project is $2,330,372, with $2,090,372 from the flexible funds grant and $240,000 from local sources.

“Going to the River” is a triumph for better access to the thousands of jobs on Swan Island as well as to the loveliest mile of riverside trail in the City. Improvements include an updated Going Street multi-use path along the north side between Interstate at the Pittman Addition to Basin Avenue and beyond.  This improvement will enable transit, bike and pedestrian access to the Island, all of which facilitate the movement of freight on the road.

The Swan Island  Transportation Management Association (TMA) would like to thank the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) for taking the lead on “Going to the River.”  We also thank the many other organizations and agencies that helped make it happen: Alta Planning & Design, Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Advisory  Committee Transportation Committee, the Bureau of Environmental Services, Vigor Industrial, Community Cycling Center, Bicycle Transportation Alliance,  npGreenway and the Swan Island Business Association.

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The Oregon Transportation Commission establishes state transportation policy. The Commission also guides the planning, development and management of a statewide integrated transportation network that provides efficient access, is safe and enhances Oregon’s economy and livability. The Commission meets monthly to oversee Department of Transportation activities relating to highways, public transportation, rail, transportation safety, motor carrier transportation, and drivers and motor vehicles.

The Oregon Department of Transportation flexible funds program prioritizes sustainable, non-highway transportation projects, programs and services that positively impact modal connectivity, the environment, mobility and access, livability, energy use and the overall operation of thetransportation system.

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3 responses to “Going to the River

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  3. Watching the progress on N. Ballast it looks like the roadway will end up significantly narrower than before, while the sidewalk is built to downtown standards. The roadway did not have width to spare given all the trailer traffic, the close-spaced driveways, and the high speeds on the Lagoon/Channel couplet. Pedestrian safety is important, even if it is for a handful of people a week, but where were the blacktop users when this plan got approved?

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